Don Billups Church deacon convicted of molesting 8 children  May (VA) 
Eric Cooper - Eric Cooper - pastor sexually misused numerous women   (AZ)
Orlando Wallace - arrested for aggravated rape of 15 yo girl Jul (TN)
Milton Wells - charged with 10 counts of sexual assault on children Apr (MI)
Donald K. Barrett - sued for sexual abuse of former members Mar (CA)

Ronnie Powe, Jr - Arrested for statutory rape of 15 year old boy Mar (TN)
Cleon Deal, Sr - Pastor admits to sexually touching 12 year old girl Aug (MD)
Charles Brown, I - Police arrest bishop for sexual battery  Sep (LA) 
Thomas A Wiggins, Jr - Pastor confesses to sex crimes against boy Nov (NC) 
Darryl L. Taylor, Jr - Minister arrested for multiple child sex crimes Dec (FL)

Prince Wilbert Woolfork -  COGIC Pastor raped 17 year old girl Jan (KY)
Edwin House - Pastor arrested on sexual abuse charges Jan (OK)
Peter Wren - Bishop accused of multiple adulterous affairs  Jan (AL)
Billy McCurdy - Pastor arrested again for sexual abuse of boys Oct (NV)
Laneer Fisher - Pastor charged with indecent  assault of males  Aug (PA)
Michael C. Campbell - Pastor molested 2 teen girls Oct (FL)

Dwayne Wilson -  COGIC minister arrested for statutory rape Nov (TN)
Bruce L. Goss - Pastor convicted of molesting 13 year girl Oct (LA)
Clevon Ghent - Minister rapes 12 year old girl Sept (FL)
James H. Bell - HIV positive  pastor arrested for sexual abuse  Jan (KY)
Tony Ray Malbrough - Pastor arrested for sexual abuse of 4 boys  Jan (MD)

Fredrick Kelley - Bishop convicted of multiple child molestations  April (GA)
Ronald Paige - Pastor murdered, new details surface  Aug (AR)
Tyrone Forbes - Pastor arrested for sex with teen student  April (MA)
TA Body - Former  member reports sexual abuse to COGIC legal  Sept (GA)
Duane Hammons - Pastor molests troubled teen  05.08 (TX) 
Jerome Pitchford - Deacon charged with lewd public act  May (WI) May 

Sherman Allen - Prominent pastor sued for sexual abuse   Feb (TX) 
Leonard Smith - Music minister convicted of molestation of  5 boys Dec (NC)
Bruce A. Curtis -  Pastor arrested for fondling teen  Dec (OH)
Willie Arnold - Pastor indicted for impregnating 13 year old member  Nov (TX)
Ryan Baker - COGIC entertainer a convicted pedophile  Feb (MI)
Charles E. Smith - Woman sues COGIC; alleges childhood sexual abuse  June (WA)
Willie L. Jefferson -  Pastor given counseling for sex arrest  May (TN) 

Larry Weems -  Pastor settles out of court for sexual assaults  04.06 (MS)
Emos Parham - Asst Pastor sentented for molesting 13 y/o boy May (IL) 


Reginald G. Robinson - Youth leader charged with molestation of 13 y/o girl (MO)
Stanley Jones - Preacher charged with sex crimes  Sept (GA) 
Robert Nixon - (1) convicted of sexual assault ; 2 male teens July  (IL)
Robert Nixon - (2) sexually assaulted a male and female teen Aug (IL)

Roy Tate - COGIC sued for $10 million over sexual abuse of teen  Nov (OR)
Issac Goodwater (CT) See NIBR

MacFranklin Alexander - Youth min arrested for teen sexual assault  Sept (CO)
Joseph Carroll Edwards - Pastor convicted for sexual assault of daughter  April (WA)
Ellis Barlow - sexual abuse of a 12 year old girl  July (IL)

Stephen Vaughn convicted of 4th degree sexual assualt (CT)

Wendell Beets - Pastor charged in rape of 19 yr old member (IA) 08.92

Bishop John D. Husband (GA) 

Leon Dupree (NY) See NIBR

Non-internet based reports

(1) Rev. Leon Dupree,  a district superintendent and pastor of Lily of the Valley Church of God in Christ in Rochester, NY, is charged with first degree sexual assault  of a 26 year old woman.  Rome NY Daily Sentinel 5.28.88

(2) The janitor of the Bethel Church of God in Christ in Kansas City, KS is in jail on charges of sex crimes. Police said 47-year-old Clarence Garrison is facing four felonies of indecent liberties with a child. They said Garrison took advantage of children at his home and inside the church.

(3) Ruben Thankful Thompson of  Real People COGIC, Waverly, Florida was arrested for five counts of incest of his daughter. Some church members said there had been rumors for some time but  many disbelieved and dismissed the allegations. The Voice Newspaper Richmond VA. 12.29.07

(4) Isaac Goodwater, former pastor at the Emmanuel COGIC in Taftville, CT was arrested in 2003 and charged in connection with the alleged assault of two girls. Goodwater reached an agreement with state prosecutors and pleaded no contest to two counts of coercion. He received a suspended sentence and two years of conditional release in 2005.

(5) Rev. William Bosley of Kenosha, Wisconsin, was sentenced to 55 years in prison for sexually abusing a six year old girl in his church while her blind mother was cleaning the building. Bosley founded the Sunrise Church of God in Christ, Waukegan, Illinois, in 1969. He also pleaded guilty to sexually abusing the child's 12 year old sister in the home of their grandmother. The sentencing took into account Bosley's recent conviction for firing a gun into a car. He had served a 28-month sentence for sexual abuse of an 11 year old girl in Washington state 20 years before. Sentencing Judge Walter Block stated: "He took his position, duty and responsibility and used it to facilitate his criminal
 behavior." Assistant state attorney Victoria Rossetti, of Lake County, stated: "These people trusted him. He helped them, but he continuously violated these young girls." (Source: Chicago Tribune, 10/22/87) 
Robert Nixon, pastor at the “Risen Valley Mission Church of God in Christ” on West Harrison, a West Side church, Chicago, was accused of sexually assaulting two 14-year-old boys and a 16-year-old girl, and charged with two counts of criminal sexual assault and one count of predatory criminal sexual assault, 13 September 2004. He admitted to repeatedly sexually assaulting the two 14-year-old boys from 2000 to the present.  .W. v. Barlow et. al., 02 L 8851 (Cook County) 2007
C.W. was 12 years old when she was sexually assaulted by a church official at a church convention held in Baton Rouge, LA.  The church official was affiliated with the Church of God in Christ Fifth Jurisdiction, who had received prior complaints of inappropriate sexual misconduct with young girls in regards to church official Barlow.  Defendant Church of God in Christ, Inc. was the national affiliated church who did not hire, fire, employ, or control the church official at issue. Result:  $1,500,000.00

Paige - murdered by a young man he picked up
Bell - found guilty March 2010 and sentenced to 7 years behind bars and 20 years on the sex offender registry.
Malbrough - charged with second-degree child abuse, third-degree sex offense, fourth-degree sex offense, and possession of child pornography.
Husband - admitted guilt in 1991, died later the same year.
Weems - undisclosed financial settlement to avoid court case.
Curtis - sentenced to 15 months in prison and sexual offender registry every 90 days till the rest of his life.
Ghent - found guilty Sept 2010 and sentenced to 30 years in prison.
L. Smith -  found guilty and sentenced to 17 years in prison.
C. Smith - died before trial. Plaintiffs sued COGIC and won a million dollar settlement.
McCurdy - not prosecuted in first casel; conflicting evidence. Arrested again 5 years later for new molestation charges.
Bishop Wren - several women claimed he targeted single women for sex; ecclesiastical status unknown
Elder Ronnie Powe, Jr
Pastor Cleon Deal, Sr.
Supt Joseph E. Hogan, Sr.
Elder Martin Roper convicted of forcible rape
Thomas Wiggins, Jr
Darryl Leonard Taylor
Don Billups convicted and sentenced to 2 life sentences plus 75 years for molesting 8 girls over a 10 year period.