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Report COGIC Abuse is a victims advocacy-oriented ministry. Our goal is to help members and former members of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) break down the dark walls of silence and inaction surrounding  leadership abuses.
An arrest or lawsuit does not  necessarily constitute  an individual's guilt.  Individuals appearing on this website are legally "innocent until proven guilty" by a court of law.  Sexual sin, however is in violation of God's law and per scripture individuals are indeed guilty before God with the hope of forgiveness through repentance.

Last update: 01.01.19
COGIC Abuse Watch  (archived) blog is an outreach and information project of Report COGIC which is intended to give victims of sexual, ecclesiastical, land-property and financial abuses in Church of God in Christ Inc (COGIC) churches a venue to report, question and dialogue on issues affecting them.

Due to an increasing demand to address and document different forms of abuse, mismanagement and doctrinal error as well as the systematic denial of victims' voices by church leadership, it became necessary for Report COGIC Abuse to offer a real time forum. Our ongoing efforts is to help bring visibility and accountability to the nation's largest black pentecostal denomination.

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